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Soft Sack IV Fluid Warmer - Emergency Medical Supply
Soft Sack IV Fluid Warmer

Soft Sack IV Fluid Warmer

Item #:78760
Price: $540.65
DESCRIPTION: The Soft Sack IV Fluid Warmer is built of rugged Cordura™ and lined with a layer of Thinsulate™ insulation and an inner lining of Mylar™ heat reflective material, this is the finest EMS fabric based iv fluid warmer on the market. Built with a snap-in electronics component, the Soft Sack iv fluid warmer can easily be re-manufactured to its original specification after years of service. If the fabric materials are overly soiled or damaged, snap out the electronics and repair or replace the bag. Fuse Protected Power Supply Anodized Aluminum Heater Housing Fuse Protected Circuit Board Controller Over Therm Fuse in Heater 12V171 12 volt cigarette lighter styled jack 12: Volt(Operation) Optional 120 vac adapter “Snap In” Aluminum Electronics Housing 3: Liter(Capacity) Pouch for IV Catheters, Tubing and Other IV Accessories vInsulated Cordura Bag Mylar Heat Reflective Inner Lining 3 Year Limited Warranty Dimensions are 12 1/2? x 12? x 5 1/2? Four-Point Tie Down Ring For Aviation