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Surgilance Safety Lancet - Emergency Medical Supply
Surgilance Safety Lancet

Surgilance Safety Lancet

Item #:68662
Price: $24.00
DESCRIPTION: Conforms with requirements for the Needlestick Safety Act. One of the most convenient and safe lancets available in the market for micro blood sampling. Protects healthcare professionals from needlestick injury and the unique one-step activation mechanism makes it extremely simple to use. Provides optimal blood flow for different applications and skin types. Needle is concealed before and after use. Automatically rendered inoperative after use. Pre-armed, ready to use and is triggered by a gentle push on the test site area, giving optimum blood flow at stable depths. Highspeed penetration minimizes pain. The hidden needle and quiet operation helps increase patient comfort. Grey and green lancet is for delicate fingers (children, elderly) Orange lancet is for normal adult fingers Pink lancet is for thick and calloused fingers.