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Morgan Medi-Flow Lens - Emergency Medical Supply
Morgan Medi-Flow Lens

Morgan Medi-Flow Lens

Item #:59929
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DESCRIPTION: Patented and field tested, the Morgan Lens attaches to solution, freeing medical personnel to treat other injuries. Used by emergency rooms and EMTs, the Morgan Lens is a disposable eye-irrigation system developed by an ophthalmologist to provide irrigation and medication to the cornea and conjunctiva. Designed with directional fins, the lens attaches to the solution, the flow rate is adjusted, and the lens is inserted into the patients eye--all within 20 seconds. It can be used on both infants and adults. Note: tubing not included. The Morgan medi-FLOW Lens MT2000 consists of a specialized I.V. delivery set which can be attached to two Morgan Lenses, conveniently providing simultaneous irrigation of both eyes. Use of the Morgan Lens Delivery Set saves time and money, since you do not need to use two separate IV setups. The rate of flow may be controlled, and irrigation to just one eye is possible since the necessary clamps are included.