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CPR Face Shield Small hard Case - Emergency Medical Supply
CPR Face Shield Small hard Case

CPR Face Shield Small hard Case

Item #:4056
Price: $4.59
DESCRIPTION: The Adsafe Plus CPR barrier is inexpensive and features a compact barrier with mouthpiece and a filtered one way valve for CPR. User friendly design protects the rescuer and helps eliminate hesitation when performing CPR. Semi-transparent face shield allows visualization of patients lips, mouth and nose while protecting rescuer. Printed instructions and orientation guides right on the shield help ensure correct use, even by those with little or no CPR experience. Bite block airway tunnel with extended mouthpiece assists the rescuer in maintaining an open airway when performing the head tilt and chin lift maneuver. One way valve with 3M Filtrete filter protects the rescuer from victims fluids. Single Use and Latex-Free. Measures 6" L x 10" W when open. just 2" x 1 1/2" x 7/8" when stored in its case. Includes compact hard case with handy key ring clasp.