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313-7056EA O2 RESQ System w/ components - Emergency Medical Supply
313-7056EA O2 RESQ System w/ components

313-7056EA O2 RESQ System w/ components

Item #:3137056EA
Price: $62.00
DESCRIPTION: O2 RESQ System w/Bitrac ED Mask w/3-SET CPAP Valve, w/Flow Generator, Adult MED The O2-RESQ™ System is pre-assembled for ease of use and quick set up time. This Single Patient Use O2-RESQ™ System eliminates the need to keep track of durable equipment and concerns about cross contamination. Ideal for spontaneously breathing patients suffering from Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and other Respiratory Distress Conditions. Features() Flow Generator with Filter 72 inch Corrugated Anti-Asphyxia Circuit 3-SET O2-CPAP™ Valve Mask and Head Strap BiTrac ED Full Face Mask features an OmniClip™ with multi-positioning silicone forehead pad Flow Generator provides 30% O2 concentration at a Continuous Flow up to 140L/min 3-SET O2-CPAP™ Valves with adjustable pressure settings from 5.0, 7.5, 10.0cm H2O and provides fixed pressure at flow rates from 60L/min