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Rusch EasyTube - Emergency Medical Supply
Rusch EasyTube

Rusch EasyTube

Item #:RUSCH
Price: $46.00
DESCRIPTION: The Rusch EasyTube is designed for difficult or emergency airway intubation and ventilation. The Rüsch EasyTube creates a viable airway whether it is placed in the trachea or in the esophagus, fulfilling an important need in the difficult airway market. The Rüsch EasyTube contains a latex-free large-volume pharyngeal cuff and tapers down from a dual lumen above the pharyngeal cuff to a single lumen at the distal tip, thereby reducing the potential for trauma in either the esophagus or the trachea. Additionally, the second lumen allows for the easy passage of a bronchoscope. The availability of a 28 french and a 41 french allows the clinician to reach a wide range of patients – the 28 french can be used on patients as small as three feet tall.