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V-Vac Manual Suction Starter Kit - Emergency Medical Supply
V-Vac Manual Suction Starter Kit

V-Vac Manual Suction Starter Kit

Item #:VVAC
Price: $20.15
DESCRIPTION: A simple yet efficient suction unit for first responders, and a reliable backup for emergency healthcare providers. The V-VAC unit works the instant you squeeze it! One-hand operation. Starter kit includes includes: handle, 2 replacement cartridges, short suction catheter w/adapter tip, double male connector and directions for use. Features: Adjustment for high- and low-pressure suctioning Efficient: Maximum suction exceeds 380 mm Hg. Peak air flow over 70 litres per minute Features a unique no-clog suction tip (intake valve) Versatile catheter connection Disposable one-piece cartridge provides a new, clean pump, valve and suction tube Reusable handle is immersable for cleaning